We held our first brunch July 19, 2015 at Loulay cafe in Downtown Seattle. About 10 ladies attended and discussed branding, Seattle's entrepreneurs and other topics. It was light, simple and a start. Our third brunch, September 4, 2016 we had a turnout of over 50 women; 10 local vendors, 4 panelists and a full day of positive, motivational energy.

Ladies who hustle is compiled of a group of women from various backgrounds, academic experiences, career paths and passions. Our purpose is empowering, motivating and inspiring women looking for success in entrepreneurship and other forms of financial freedom. We aim to give back to our community in a large variety of ways. Homelessness, domestic violence, education, health & wellness are just a few of the many topics we discuss and plan to our time and action into. We started as a duo from Seattle and have grown our network and support team here in the North West. We invite everyone to support our vision and join the wave—everybody has a hustle, what's yours?